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Dolphins confirm: That's not Davone Bess on Twitter (updated)

We can now officially end this saga once and for all.  The situation that has been dubbed "Davone Bess Twittergate" is over.  The person who created the Twitter account "Lambo_Weezy" and claimed to be Dolphins WR Davone Bess was indeed just a moronic impostor.

Miami Dolphins Senior VP of Media Relations, Harvey Greene, has told me that they have spoken with Davone and "he assured it wasn't him" on Twitter.  So let's put all of this behind us now. 

And let this be a lesson to all of us that we should really make sure any celebrity or athlete accounts on sites like Twitter, Myspace, or Facebook are confirmed to really be who they claim to be before taking them seriously at all.

[Update by Matty I, 2:58 pm] Davone Bess's agent, Kenny Zuckerman, got back to me today as well.  Here's what he told me:

The site is a 100% fake.  In fact, we have contacted all the proper authorities and plan to prosecute this impostor to the fullest extent of the law.

Fraud is fraud and we are going to protect Davone and his reputation at any cost.

He is very upset about this incident and wants everyone to know that he is the victim of an unfortunate scam.