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Tuesday Dolphins OTA Reports

Palm Beach Post OTA Report
Highlights include:
-Sean Smith working as a starting CB.
-Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams were throwing passes.
-Dolphins used a lot of two TE sets.
-Brandon Frye continues to work as the starting RG.
-Brandon Fields was "machine-like" during punting drills.

Miami Herald OTA Report
Highlights include:
-Jake Grove had a very good practice.
-Justin Smiley still working as starting LG.
-John Nalbone getting a lot of work in goal-line and redzone offense.
-Dan Carpenter was 6 for 6 on FGs.

Sun-Sentinel OTA Report
Highlights include:
-Joey Haynos "flashing some talent."
-Pat White looking more comfortable.
-Chad Henne throwing with the most velocity - but is off the mark at times.
-Chad Pennington was his classic self - safe decisions and accurate passes.