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Video Time: Sean Smith

Without question, my favorite pick in the draft was the Dolphins' selection of Sean Smith with the 61st overall pick.  Saying I thought very highly of Smith leading up to the draft would probably be an understatement - as many of you know.  It's rare that you find a player of Smith's size and athleticism who can play cornerback.

So below I have a few videos of Smith.  Some of you have probably seen them before, but many of you probably have not.

One quick note before the videos.  I will be in Pennsylvania this weekend attending a wedding.  But since I'm anticipating that I'll be rather bored (it's my girlfriend's cousin getting married - meaning I'll probably know about 15 people at the entire thing), I plan on doing something I've never done...using twitter via my cell phone to post any random observations or thoughts that come to me throughout the weekend.

So if you're bored or have some free time, be sure to check out

Now onto the Sean Smith videos...

Have a great weekend, everybody!  And remember to check out my twitter account for what will basically amount to my meaningless thoughts on who knows what.