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Thursday OTA Reports

Today featured OTAs being open to the media.  So we get another chance to see who is lining up where and with what unit.  I'd take everything you hear about performance with a grain of salt.  It is just May, after all, and the players are wearing shorts - not pads.

But here's a roundup of today's events.


-Brandon Frye continuesto work as the starting RG.
-Phillip Merling continues to work as a starter at DE.
-Cameron Wake is the second team strong outside linebacker while Jason Taylor works as the weakside outside linebacker.
-Ernest Wilford doing drills with the tight ends.
-Jason Taylor and Joey Porter did work a little together on the field.
-Brandon London is the slot receiver with the 2nd team.
-Vontae Davis being used as 1st team nickel.
-Dolphins working on a lot of Wildcat and spread offense.
-Eric Green "had a good practice."
-Vontae Davis and Sean Smith are working as "boundary corners."
-Pat White still threw some passes too high.


-Dolphins worked a lot on "empty backfield" stuff.
-Chad Pennington was his "typical self" - with the exception of one interception.
-Joey Haynos and Patrick Turner had good practices today.
-Jason  Taylor working as a 2nd teamer in the base defense but a starter in "passing situations."
-Keep an eye on Tyrone Culver this season.
-Greg Camarillo seemed to be doing more today than last week as he recovers from knee surgery.