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Report: Dolphins not interested in Plaxico Burress

One thing that seemed to create a little bit of a stir today was a nugget dropped by the Miami Herald's Barry Jackson that claims Plaxico Burress had told people that he would love to join the Dolphins if/when his legal problems are taken care of.

This instantly created a debate among Dolphin fans - should they sign him?  But let's put this behind us now.  The Miami Herald is reporting that the Dolphins aren't likely going to have any interest in Burress.  In fact, one team source responded to a phone call about the possibility of the Dolphins having interest in Plaxico by saying, "Is this the reason you're calling me?"

Clearly, the Dolphins don't feel they have a need for a soon-to-be 32 year old receiver with a very long rap sheet.  He could face a couple of years in prison for the gun charges.  In March, Plaxico was written four tickets for various reasons.  And he's had domestic violence issues.

On the field, Plaxico has been injury prone as of late and is only getting older.  His production prior to his leg "injury" last year was down - only totaling 35 catches in 10 games in 2008 and averaging just 45 receiving yards per game.  And we don't even know if Plax - even if he avoids jailtime - will be able to play the first few games of 2009.  After all, Burress might be able to escape the long arms of the law, but he can't avoid the NFL's sheriff, commissioner Roger Goodell.  A lengthy suspension for Plaxico is probably likely.

When you put all that together, it's hard to understand why we even wondered about Miami's interest in Burress.