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What would you give...

Happy Memorial Day!!

Today is a day to remember all those who lost their lives defending out great country.  So be sure to take a break from your Memorial Day festivities at some point today to remember all of the brave men and women who gave their life defending our freedom.

Now rather than do the usual weekend roundup post today (since many people probably won't be around a compter much), I wanted to ask you all a simple question.  But before I do, allow me to set the mood.

Picture this.  It's February 7, 2010.  Dolphin Stadium in Miami Gardens is the place.  Super Bowl XLIV is the event.  The game will air on CBS - meaning Dan Marino will likely be in the building as part of the CBS broadcast team.  Jason Taylor - returning to Miami in 2009 after a season away in Washington - is reportedly leaning towards retirement following this game...hoping for the most unbelievable storybook ending to a career you can imagine - a Super Bowl Championship in front of his hometown fans in Miami at Dolphin Stadium.

My question is this: What would you give for the Miami Dolphins to reach and win Super Bowl XLIV, which is being played in their own stadium?

Think about it and let us know your answer below.

And enjoy your Memorial Day holiday - be safe and have a good time!