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Video Time: Dolphins vs Broncos 2008

Saturday means one thing here during the offseason - it's video time!  You'll remember way back in February, I was doing a "video time" recap of the '08 season - that was until we focused our attention on videos of draft picks and free agents.  We left off with Ted Ginn's brilliant week eight performance against the Bills. 

So we will turn our attention now to week nine against Denver.  Let me set the scene.  The Broncos had just scored a touchdown to cut Miami's lead to 19-17.  There is 11:10 remaining in the game and the Dolphins have the ball at their own 20 to begin the drive.  Mile High was rocking as Bronco fans were rowdy and on their feet.

Like many of you probably were, I was just waiting for the Dolphins to collapse - just as many "post-Marino" Dolphin teams had in the past in these situations.  But this team was different.

Enjoy the video - divided into two parts due to length - which can be found after the jump...

Have a great Memorial Day weekend, everybody!!