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Around The AFC East: New York Jets

It's time to close out the week by turning our attention to our division rivals once again.  This week, John B from Gang Green Nation will kick off things.

Matty I: I think it's safe to say that the Brett Favre experimen in New York was far from a success.  How will Favre's 2008 season in NY be remembered by Jet fans?  And how did his one season in New York affect Favre's overall legacy among Jet fans?

John B: It's pretty much what you would expect. Favre was a hired gun. He said in his introductory press conference, he was there to help the team do one thing, win. He did not win enough down the stretch. Although he was far from the only problem, the quarterback is going to take a lot of the heat when he throws 2 touchdowns against 9 interceptions, and the team finishes 1-4 in its last five. It will go down as yet another bitterly disappointing season that started with great promise. Even though there was no obvious successor, I would estimate two-thirds of the team's fans did not want him back. That says all you need to know about how fans will look back on 2008.

As far as his legacy among Jets fans is concerned, I don't think it has changed. Before 2008, Favre was a guy who did great things with the Packers. That is still all he is. Brett could have been a God in New York had he taken the team all the way. If he wants a free meal, he will have to go to Wisconsin to get it. Jets fans will not remember him the way Rangers fans remember the most famous hired gun in New York sports history, Mark Messier, a legend in another city who was beloved in the Big Apple.

My Take: That's a great comparison by John in comparing Brett Favre to Mark Messier.  And like he points out, Favre had the chance to be remembered in NY like Messier.  But he couldn't get the job done down the stretch [insert evil laugh here].  He couldn't deliver.  Messier delivered and became an instant NY legend.  Favre will seemingly be nothing more than a NY afterthought.

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