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New Dolphins logo...sort of

If you were watching NFL Total Access on NFL Network on Thursday, you'd know that the released a new version of the Miami Dolphins logo.  Well - in a way, at least.

There really isn't anything that new.  The only change I have noticed is the "logotype" - which is basically the lettering.  Below is a photo I took of my TV screen - so it isn't the best quality.  But it allows you to see the difference.


You can click on the image to enlarge it.  As you can see, the only difference seems to be the lettering - known as the "logotype."  More specifically, they have eliminated the thick orange stripe on the bottom with the word "Miami" written in it.  The font of the "logotype" still seems the same.

If you make the jump, you can see two photos of the actual helmet logo that I took.  With my eyes, I only notice a small difference.  Take a look for yourself and tell us if you see any difference.





Once again, you can enlarge the images by clicking on them.

The only thing that might be different is the white outline around the orange sun.  In the newer one, it might be a little thicker.