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Vegas showing Dolphins disrespect too

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about how the early take on the 2009 Dolphins was that they weren't being shown much respect in the media.  Well it seems as though the bookmakers in Las Vegas are taking a page from the media.  The Dolphins 2009 over/under for wins has been set at just seven - a full four games fewer than last season.

Meanwhile, the bookmakers set the Jaguars over/under - a team that won just five games in 2008 - at eight, a game better than the Dolphins.  The Browns, who won only four games last year, have had their over/under set at the same thing as the Dolphins - seven.  In fact, only six teams have a lower over/under than the Dolphins. 

So what we've learned here is that the bookmakers think the Dolphins are the seventh worst team in the NFL.

The love fest for the Patriots, however, continues - with their over/under being set at 11.5, the highest figure for any team.

Just more fuel to add to the fire for the defending AFC East Champions, I suppose.  I've said all along I love being the underdog.  Clearly, despite last season's amazing turnaround, the underdog role is exactly the role the 2009 Dolphins will be in once again.