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Around The AFC East: New York Jets

Continuing on with our first weekly installment of "Around The AFC East," let's shift our attention to the team the Dolphins defeated in week 17 last year to win the division - the NY Jets.  To do so, we welcome in John B of Gang Green Nation - SBN's Jets blog.

Matty I: Let's talk about your new head coach. I'll be honest and say that I'm completely unimpressed by what I've heard from Rex Ryan thus far. He comes off to me as an arrogant SOB who likes to run his mouth - traits you do not want in a head coach, if you ask me. What kind of initial impression has Ryan made among Jet fans?

John B: I think personality is a bit overrated when it comes to coaching. It is one of those things people look to after the fact for some meaning. If Ryan is successful, people will say his brashness gave the Jets a swagger. The same people will say he was too focused on talking to the media and not enough on gameplanning if he fails. In reality, I'm not sure how much it matters.

Most Jets fans really like Ryan. I am with them. I wrote an opinion piece that the Jets should pursue Ryan before Eric Mangini was even fired. The first thing I like about him is his knowledge of X's and O's. He received a top notch education from his father Buddy, one of the most innovative defensive minds in football history. Rex gained a reputation in Baltimore for his creativity. He ran 4-3, 3-4, and 46 fronts. He grasps how to tailor a scheme to maximize his players' strengths and attack an opponent's weaknesses.
He also gets the most from his players. Jim Leonhard and Bart Scott went from undrafted free agents to desired commodities on the free agent market because of Ryan's work with them. They would run through a wall for him. He was the preferred choice of the Ravens' players during their coaching search a year ago. Jim Leonhard reportedly took less money with the Jets than Denver offered just so he could stay with Ryan. Backup defensive lineman Marques Douglas came to the Jets because he wanted to reunite with Rex.
To me, the two most important jobs of a head coach are to develop a coherent strategy and unite the locker room. Ryan has the capability to do both very well. Will he work out as a head coach? Nobody can say. I can tell you he has all the tools to be become an excellent one, though.
My Take: I have to say I agree with what John says about the two most important jobs a head coach has.  With that said, I still can't stand Ryan.  It seems like promoting an arrogant swagger is not something a coach should do.

Remember to head on over to GGN to see what John asked me about the Dolphins.

Back with the conclusion of this week's ATAFCE in a bit.