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Dolphins Buzz: Pat White exciting his teammates

This is the time of year when things like "buzz" are making headlines.  There's no real football being played - which means speculation and possibilities come to the forefront in the minds of both fans and players.

Dolphin fans have been drooling for the past couple of weeks over what Pat White might do for Miami's offense.  Apparently, us fans aren't the only ones who are excited over the new dynamic elements that Pat White brings to the Dolphins.  Thanks to Barry Jackson's latest article, we know now that many Dolphin players are excited over the selection of White.

Writes Jackson:

Several players expressed excitement about Pat White's addition and the prospect of even more offensive creativity. Although Ronnie Brown loved operating the Wildcat, he said it was ''good'' Miami drafted White and will not be disappointed if White assumes that role.

Davone Bess believes that "this will take our team to another level."

While Davone might be a bit too optimistic, it's certainly a possibility that White's ability to pass the ball will add a new element to the 'Wildcat' formation.  Defensive coordinators will no longer be able to drop both of their safeties into the box to defend the running lanes.  If they do that, they'd be leaving their corners in one-on-one matchups with Miami's receivers - including the insanely fast Ted Ginn.  And is there really a corner who could cover Ginn one-on-one when Teddy is sprinting down the sideline at full speed?  One of White's best abilities, too, is his ability to throw a very good deep ball.

Of course, defenses can decide to keep their free safety deep.  But they then run the risk of being "out gapped" and, if the line holds their blocks, will have a tendency of giving up chunks of yards on the ground.

That's the quandry that defensive coordinators will face when they begin game-planning for the Dolphins during the season.  And those are just the basics.  Then you have to worry about things like having Ronnie Brown and Pat White in the backfield together - maybe even with Ronnie taking the snap from center - as well as the potential of White leading a "spread" offense, which is something the Dolphins "are intrigued by" according to Barry Jackson.

Ronnie Brown probably sums it up very nicely, saying that Pat White's arrival "will open more opportunities, add new wrinkles and keep the defense guessing."

And how exciting is it learning the 'Wildcat'?  Greg Camarillo tells the Herald that "it's as exciting to learn the Wildcat as it is to watch it."

Personally, though, I like Ted Ginn's take on the selection of White.  Ginn simply says, "Pat White will be great."

Ronnie Brown Update

In Jackson's article, there's also some news on Ronnie Brown:

Nineteen months after tearing a knee ligament, Brown said he feels ''stronger and better'' and is ''taking the weight on my shoulders'' to improve the running game.

Brown is clearly excited about how the offensive line is shaping up - saying that "we've got the offensive line in order."  And the second full season after tearing your ACL is historically when a running back returns to form.

Call me a "homer" if you want, but I get the feeling that Ronnie is going to have a big season and will earn himself a nice contract extension here in Miami.