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Reports/Photos from rookie minicamp

Slowly but surely, reports and photos are beginning to roll in from today's first rookie camp practice.  As they do, I'll post links to the reports and highlight some of the notes from the report.  Also, be sure to click on the photo to see more photos from practice today.

-Pat White struggled - throwing two interceptions.
-Vontae Davis was one of the guys to intercept White.
-Andrew Gardner committed two false start penalties.

-Pat White wears gloves on both hands when he plays.
-Vontae Davis has a mohawk - that's awesome.
-Tony Sparano confirmed that White will work exclusively as a QB.

-Pat White did have a beautiful 50+ yard pass to Anthony Armstrong - beating Sean Smith, who admitted to peeking into the backfield.
-Both Vontae Davis and Sean Smith "looked fine" - with Davis looking "physically impressive."
-Sean Smith - despite being 6'3 with long arms and "thick ankles" - was able to run with everybody but Anthony Armstrong.
-Vontae's interception was a would-be pick six in a game situation.