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The Pulse of Dolphins Nation: Draft Pick Edition

We've spent a ton of time dissecting the NFL Draft. And we still have over 2 weeks until that day finally gets here. We've talked about the players we like the most; about the players we dislike the most; and why we should or should not draft "Player X" with the 25th pick. And we're going to continue to do so until draft weekend. After all, there's not much else to discuss/debate this time of the year anyways.

But now I wanted to open the floor to you all. I want to know which potential first round draft pick you most want the Dolphins to draft - assuming he was still on the board.

Of course, to do this, I had to make some assumptions:

Assumption 1 - The Dolphins will draft a linebacker (inside or outside), conerback, or wide receiver with their 25th overall pick.

Assumption 2 - The Dolphins will not trade up in the draft to attampt to draft one of the draft's top 10 to 15 prospects - guys who likely won't be around with the 25th pick.

Assumption 3 - Certain players are likely to be long gone by the time our pick rolls around. So if you don't see the player you like on this list, that's because I'm confident that that particular player will not remain on the board at pick 25.

So cast your vote below and then feel free to tell us why in the comments below...