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NFL Draft Day Two Overflow Thread

Interesting start to day two for the Dolphins - taking two tall wide receivers with their first 2 picks of the day.

Now the Dolphins have some time before their next pick - late in round 5.  From this point on, I will just update the body of this thread with each Dolphins pick rather than creating separate posts.

Round 5, Pick 25 (161) - John Nalbone, TE, Monmouth
Nalbone measures in at 6'4, 257.  He runs a 4.6 to 4.7 40 and he wowed people at his pro day workout with his catching ability.  He also benched 225 pounds 22 times - same as Brandon Pettigrew - and is considered a very good blocker.  Read more on Nalbone from one of my previous posts.

Round 5, Pick 29 (165) - Chris Clemons, S, Clemson
Clemons is an interesting guy.  He's a pure athlete - measuring in at 6'0, 208 pounds and running a 4.41 40 yard dash at the Combine.  He's got great range and projects as a free safety.  He was a 3 year starter at Clemson and will likely be an impact special teams player right off the bat.

Round 6, Pick 8 (181) - Andrew Gardner, OT, Georgia Tech
Gardner is a big guy, coming in at over 6'6 - but only weighs 304 pounds.  He has long arms (34.5") and is a smart, high-motor kind of player.  He's very experienced, starting all four years at GT.

Round 7, Pick 5 (214) - J.D. Folsom, LB, Weber State
Folson measures in at 6'3, 230.  He's got good speed and will probably have to play special teams well to make the roster.  Oh - and he's a zoology major.  According to Folsom, the Dolphins are looking at him to play inside linebacker - not outside.

Round 7, Pick 28 (237) - Traded to KC for "consideration" in next year's draft.

Discuss below...

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