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NFL Draft Day One Wishlist

Be sure to cast your vote in our "pick #25 poll."

We're now just hours away from the Detroit Lions being put on the clock - officially, that is - to begin the 2009 NFL Draft.  So as we count down the final hours and minutes until the Miami Dolphins are on the clock, I wanted to talk quickly about my official wishlist for day one off the draft.  Then, once you finish reading my ramblings, tell us your wish list for day one.

I also quickly want to remind you all that we will have complete coverage of the draft all weekend long.  We'll have live threads and we'll have wrap ups at the end of each day.  We'll also have a separate post for each pick made by the Dolphins.  So be sure to check in early and often.  And it'll all begin with our pre-draft fanpost early this afternoon.

Now to my wishlist.  Note that these are in no particular order and I've left out the players who will obviously be gone - players like Michal Crabtree and Aaron Curry.

Wide Receivers
Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, Brian Robiskie

I know I've been pretty vocal of late about how strongly I feel on not drafting a wide receiver with the 25th pick.  But if they must, I'll be hoping and praying it's either Britt or Nicks.  But what would be even better would be to land any of the three listed above with either the 44th pick or the 56th pick.

One name noticeable absent from my list is Darrius Heyward-Bey.  He has "bust" written all over him.  I also removed Percy Harvin from my wishlist.  Too many red flags (marijuana, attitude, injuries) for my taste.

Outside Linebackers
Everette Brown, Aaron Maybin, Clay Matthews, Larry English, Robert Ayers, Clint Sintim, Connor Barwin, Cody Brown, Lawrence Sidbury

Lots of names up there because there are a lot of options.  Unfortunately, with the increase in the number of teams running a 3-4 defense - coupled with the obvious general need for pass-rushers in this league - there is going to be a run on this position at some point in round one.  That means many of the names above will be long gone by the 25th pick.  And the ones that remain probably won't deserve to be picked that high.  But I'll tell you this - if the Dolphins come out of the first day of the draft with one of the players listed above, I'd be very content.

One notable player I left off my wishlist is Brian Cushing.  I just don't trust him and really don't want him in a Dolphins' uniform.

Vontae Davis, Darius Butler, Sean Smith, Alphonso Smith, Sherrod Martin, D.J. Moore

You all know by now that I'm really pushing for a corner with the 25th pick.  I'd be thrilled with Davis or Butler at 25.  I'd also be happy with Sean Smith at 25 - though some think he could still be on the board at 44.  The other three, Alphonso Smith, Sherrod Martin, and D.J. Moore, I wouldn't consider drafting until 44 at the earliest.  Of those three, I'd prefer Smith or Martin over Moore.  I just don't think Moore has enough upside to warrant a high pick.  He could be a terrific nickelback, but he doesn't have the speed to cover an outside receiver.

Players from various positions
ILB - Rey Maualuga, James Laurinaitis
NT - Ron Brace
DE - Tyson Jackson
OL - Andy Levitre (OG), Max Unger (G/C), Tyronne Green (OG), Herman Johnson (OG), Jamon Meredith (OT)
TE - Brandon Pettigrew, Jared Cook
S - Louis Delmas, Rashad Johnson

If the Dolphins can come away with any two of the players I've mentioned above with their three day one picks, I'll be simply ecstatic entering day two.

So now let's hear all of your wishlists...