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2009 NFL Draft Open Thread

It's finally here!  The 2009 NFL Draft will get underway at 4 pm eastern today.  Television coverage of the draft is already underway on ESPN, ESPNews, and NFL Network.

Like last year's draft, each team will have 10 minutes to select in round one and 7 minutes to draft in round two.  So all told, we're probably looking at day one of the draft concluding at around midnight eastern tonight.

Use this thread to discuss anything and everything that is draft related.  I will open overflow threads as needed over in the right sidebar as FanPosts.  I'll also post a link to the overflow thread so that you all can easily locate it.

I will also post individual threads on the front page for each Dolphins pick on day one.

So please do not create additional fanposts about the draft.  In an attempt to keep the fanpost section as clean and organized as possible, please just post your thoughts on the draft and Miami's picks in either the draft open thread (or overflow threads) or the Dolphins' draft pick thread that will be created for each pick.

Also, please don't post any pictures in the thread - as that will just slow down the thread for everybody.  And keep the discussion in this thread on topic, please.

With that said, we are just a few minutes away from the draft officially beginning.  All the anticipation that has built up over the past few months finally comes to a climax today!!

Enjoy the day and may your draft dreams come true!

Also be sure to check out SBN's NFL Draft blog - Mocking The Draft - for up to date news and analysis.  We actually have two SBN bloggers at the draft - with credentials from the NFL.  So we should have some cool stuff posted over there throughout the day.

[Update 4:22pm] According to Darius Butler's father, the Dolphins have told Darius Butler that he will be their pick at 25 if he's still on the board.  Could this just me another smoke screen?  We'll find out soon enough.

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