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Talking Dolphins with Jorge Sedano

As many of you know, Jorge Sedano is one of the weekday hosts on 790 AM The Ticket.  His show can be heard every weekday from 12 to 3.  And he was nice enough to take a few minutes to answer some Dolphin questions for us.

What do you think of the Dolphins' moves in free agency? In particular, what are your thoughts on their move of signing Gibril Wilson to play the free safety position and pairing him with Yeremiah Bell at safety? And how do you feel about them signing Jake Grove and then trading Samson Satele? Do you think that's an upgrade at the center position?

Sedano: I love the Gibril Wilson signing. This guy can play both safety positions. He can cover, he's a ball hawk and most importantly... HE CAN HIT! With him & Bell roaming back there, Miami could have the best tandem of safeties in the league. I absolutely think Jake Grove is an upgrade with one caveat He needs to stay healthy. Which has to be some concern. I read a stat that claimed that the Raiders gained over 4 ypc over 65% of the time when they ran up the middle. That tells me The Tuna & company got their anchor.

What's your take on this whole Jason Taylor saga? Do you think there's honestly a chance that the Dolphins bring JT back?

Sedano: I don't think anything about it. It's business. Nothing more, nothing less. I do think there's a possibility of a reunion if Miami doesn't take a pass rusher in the first two rounds of the draft. If they don't he'll definitely be here in my opinion. If they do, then JT will be in New England.

Which draft prospect is most intriguing to you in terms of what they could add to this team?

Sedano: I love Hakeem Nicks. I think he's a faster, slightly smaller version of Anquan Boldin. He can take a hit, he has moves & he's got giddyup. With Chad Pennington at the helm you need a guy who can break tackles & get away from defense. He certainly can do that.

Do you expect the Dolphins to trade up or down on draft day? And, as hard as it is to really have any idea what this regime is thinking, who do you suspect, at this point, the Dolphins might be leaning towards with their 3 day one draft picks?

Sedano: I would be completely stunned if they traded up. At 25 you're better off trading down and acquiring more picks (assets). I can see them taking any combination of these positions. CB, WR, OLB/DE (Pass Rusher).

I want to thank Jorge for taking a few moments to give us his take on what the Dolphins have done and what they might do.  I also have to send a big "thank you" to DolPhanDave - a member of this site and the blogger over at Peninsula is Mightier - SBN's Miami Heat blog.  He's the guy who put this together for me.

As always, your thoughts below...