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Report: Percy Harvin and Brandon Tate failed their drug tests

Alex Marvez is reporting that two sources have informed FOX Sports that Florida WR Percy Harvin and North Carolina WR Brandon Tate tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine back in February.

It is believed that these two players are the only top prospects who were on the list passed on to teams this week with the names of players who failed their drug tests in Indianapolis.

What this means for Harvin and Tate, right off the bat, is that they will enter the NFL already in the league's substance abuse program.  That means more drug tests for them and possible suspensions should they fail a second time.

This will definitely hurt both players' draft stock.  But Harvin in particular will be hurt the most.  He was probably rated as high as a mid-first round pick until rumors about a failed drug test began to circulate.  With this latest news that he did indeed fail, you have to wonder how far he'll fall on draft day.

A few weeks ago, former NFL GM Charley Casserly said on NFL Network that when he was running teams, he'd completely remove any player who failed their drug test at the Combine - citing a lack of judgment and clear character issues as the reason.

Harvin's wait on Saturday could now be far longer than he once thought.  And that's all because the kid just couldn't help himself from smoking some weed despite knowing exactly when he would be tested - at the world's largest and most pressure-packed job interview.