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Video Time: Wide Receiver Prospects

There's been a ton of debate over these last few weeks on whether or not the Dolphins need to spend a day one draft pick on a wide receiver.  And if so, which one and at what pick?

I'm not exactly a fan of taking a receiver with the 25th pick - though there are some circumstances, depending on how the draft plays out, that I would be in favor of it.  Regardless of my opinion, though, a lot of you want the Dolphins take spend a high pick - even their first pick - on a play-making wide receiver.  And that's why I offer you these four videos.  Three of them (Kenny Britt, Hakeem Nicks, Percy Harvin) are of players who are worthy of the 25th overall pick, while the final one (Brian Robiskie) is a receiver who I think is underrated and would be a great pick in round two.

All four videos can be seen after the jump...