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Updating the Jason Taylor rumor (updated)

Yesterday, I posted a rumor that comes from a source I trust about the Dolphins and Jason Taylor being in "preliminary talks" on a two year contract.  Here's the latest on what I know - which isn't much.

I still haven't received a call back from Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, nor have I heard from his office with a generic statement.  I guess I'm just not credible enough for a response.  I also sent his office an e-mail - and haven't heard back from that, either.  It's a shame, though.  You try to act like a "real journalist" for a minute and all you get are doors slammed in your face.

Anyways, I checked back in with my original source.  He told me that all he has heard is that the two sides have chatted about a two year contract.  He's not sure how far these talks have progressed.  He's not sure if the two sides still plan to meet in the future or if any discussions have stalled.  He also told me that this "lack of info probably means that either something could happen in the coming days or nothing will ever happen, now nor in the coming weeks."

I will keep you updated if I do hear anything else.  And I do plan on calling Wichard again to see if I can at least get a courteous "no comment" on the subject.

[Update by Matty I, 10:12pm] I called Taylor's agent again and his office said he wasn't in.  And, of course, I haven't heard back.  I also re-sent an e-mail to Wichard's office - so we'll see.  But the Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Channing Crowder was told by Jason Taylor that he'd like to back a Dolphin again - and he and Joey Porter were discussing the possibilities recently.  Says Crowder:

"I went fishing with J.T. two weeks ago; he wants to be a Dolphin."

"Me and Porter have been in our mini-GM office together talking about stuff we can do, moving Roth back inside to a five technique, having J.T. on the other side of Porter, maybe even just playing J.T. on third down or whatever they want to do."

Meanwhile, Joey Porter would love to have JT back as well:

"We've talked about it, but at the end of the day that's all we can do is talk about it. It's still for the people upstairs to (decide). But I love Jason. He can't do anything, but help us. If there's a way we can get him back, we want him back."