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A Giants' perspective on new Dolphins safety Gibril Wilson

Upon the Dolphins' signing of safety Gibril Wilson, I thought I should at least contact somebody who has watched him play a lot more than I and hear what he had to say.  So I decided to turn to 'ETVal' from Big Blue View - SBN's NY Giants blog.  Why him and not a Raiders' blogger?  Because Wilson actually saw a lot of time as New York's free safety - the position he'll be playing in Miami.  Here's what 'ETVal' writes about Gibril:

After Gibril Wilson's rookie season with the New York Giants in 2004, we thought he was headed for stardom. He has never quite made it to that level. As a Giant he tended to disappear in some games, but Wilson is a very good football player.

He is very athletic, a tremendous playmaker against the run -- as Football Outsiders pointed out -- and is useful as a blitzer. My recollection is that he can be taken advantage of in single coverage against wide receivers or quality tight ends, but so can most safeties.

As Giants fans we were disappointed that Wilson would leave a defending Super Bowl champion, but he was given superstar money by Oakland. He's not a superstar.

As for character, he has never been in any trouble that I can recall, he doesn't run his mouth and he doesn't draw unneeded attention to himself. He shows up and plays hard on Sunday.

If you're expecting Troy Polamalu you will be disappointed. If you are expecting a good football player who will occasionally look brilliant you will love Wilson.

A good footbal player who will occasionally look brilliant?  Works for me!

Thanks to 'ETVal' for taking a few minutes to do this for us.  And for more on anything NY Giants, be sure to check out Big Blue View.