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Cowboys release Owens, but don't expect him to land in Miami

According to ESPN, the Cowboys have released Terrell Owens

So why am I bringing this up on a Dolphins' site?  Simple.  Because there's obviously going to be some who think T.O. will land in Miami.  But it's not going to happen - nor should it.

This team doesn't need a "cancer" like Owens to ruin team chemistry.  And Bill Parcells isn't likely to show any interest in the big wide receiver.

But the media will probably try to connect Owens to the Dolphins.  But Rotoworld has the right idea - listing the Dolphins as a team that needs receivers but will likely pass on Owens.  And here are two main reasons why they will pass.

First of all, while the Dolphins need a true #1 receiver, we know this regime doesn't want "primadonnas" in their locker room.  And is there a bigger primadonna in the NFL than Terrell Owens?

But more importantly, Bill Parcells and Terrell Owens do not get along.  It was widely reported that Parcells was against the addition of Owens to Dallas to begin with.  But owner Jerry Jones wanted T.O. - and he gets what he wants.  However, Parcells wouldn't even refer to Owens by name - simply calling him "the player."  And Owens wasn't too fond of Parcells, either.  About Bill's refusal to call Owens by name, Owens simply said Bill was being his "old crotchety self."  And when Bill left Dallas, Owens seemingly had nothing nice to say about Parcells, stating Bill was "like my grandmother."  Owens added:

"Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level...A new coach can be good for the Cowboys. It’s not just me. But my teammates know I could have done more."

All things considered, I'd say it's safe to assume that a Bill Parcells/Terrell Owens reunion in Miami is highly unlikely.

(Hat tip to phyrmun on his fanpost)