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Dolphins Depth Chart - A way to break down Miami's needs

While free agency is still in full swing, I'm not holding my breath for another big signing.  This front office has spent a lot of money already this offseason and I think they're going to turn their attention to the draft now.

With that in mind, the best way to quickly examine the entire roster and identify the Dolphins' biggest needs is to create a "mock depth chart."  So that's what I've done.

The full depth chart can be found below (after the jump), mainly because it would take up too much room on the front page.  So take a look at it and then tell us all what you feel are this team's most glaring needs.

1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
QB C. Pennington C. Henne J. Beck
RB R. Brown R. Williams P. Cobbs L. Hilliard
FB L. Polite C. Brown
WR T. Ginn B. London E. Wilford T. Lowber
WR G. Camarillo D. Bess A. Armstrong
TE A. Fasano D. Martin J. Haynos
LT J. Long
LG J. Smiley J. Berger S. Murphy
C J. Grove S. Satele
RG D. Thomas I. Ndukwe A. Alleman
RT V. Carey B. Frye N. Garner
1st Team 2nd Team 3rd Team 4th Team
DE K. Langford L. Dotson
NT J. Ferguson P. Soliai J. Cohen
DE P. Merling R. Starks R. Wright
OLB M. Roth Q. Moses E. Walden T. George
ILB C. Crowder R. Torbor
ILB A. Ayodele W. Kershaw
OLB J. Porter C. Wake C. Anderson
CB W. Allen J. Thomas S. Babers
CB J. Allen N. Jones W. Billingsley
FS G. Wilson C. Bryan E. Kilmer
SS Y. Bell T. Culver

Here's what I take from examining the very "rough" depth chart above:

  • Cornerback is probably this team's most glaring hole right now.  And Will Allen is a free agent following the '09 season.  Right now, I'd be shocked if the Dolphins didn't spend a first day pick on a corner.
  • Inside linebacker definitely needs at least a "depth" addition.  Reggie Torbor was unimpressive filling in for Crowder against KC last year and William Kershaw is nothing more than a very good special teams player.  The thought of Kershaw having to see time at linebacker scares me.
  • Assuming Donald Thomas and Justin Smiley both can make it back from injury (Thomas will definitely be ready; and the early reports are good on Smiley - but his injury was a serious one), the Dolphins are suddenly deep along the interior offensive line.  Samson Satele could probably play guard if needed - and we might see him work there during camp - and Andy Alleman and Ike Ndukwe each have quality starting experience.  But a solid backup tackle is needed - and I'd look for the Fins to spend a day two draft pick on a tackle to develop behind Carey and Long.  The good thing, of course, is that Carey can swing to LT if he Long ever got hurt (yes - I'm knocking on wood).
  • Miami's defensive ends are young.  But if Lionel Dotson proves to be a solid backup, this will be a very promising unit.
  • I don't trust Paul Soliai - and nobody else probably does, either.  A young NT is a need.