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RUMOR: Jason Taylor and Dolphins working on a contract

I want to make this clear that this is just a rumor as of right now.  But a source that I trust tells me that the Dolphins and Jason Taylor are trying to iron out the details of a two year contract.  Talks, though, are believed to be in their preliminary stages.  Again - this, as of now, is just a rumor, but I felt like I should at least pass it on to you guys.

I also have a call into Jason Taylor's agent, Gary Wichard, and I'm waiting to hear back from him.  Hopefully I'll at least get a response from him or his office.  When I called just moments ago, I was told that he wasn't currently available.  So we'll see if this actually leads anywhere.

If I do hear anything else, I will pass it along. 

Just to reiterate, a source tells me that the Dolphins and Jason Taylor are in preliminary talks on a contract that is believed to be a two year deal.  But please note that, as of now, this should be filed as nothing more than just a rumor.

[Update by Matty I, 9:16pm] I still haven't received a call back from Taylor's agent.  I checked back in with my "source" and he told me he hasn't heard anything else, either.  So we will take a wait and see approach for now.