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Dolphins 2009 Draft Picks

With the announcement of the compensatory picks yesterday, we now know the official 2009 NFL Draft order in its entirety. We also know which of Miami's three 7th round picks the Dolphins sent to Jacksonville in exchange for DT Tony McDaniel - who, by the way, will work as a defensie end in Miami's 3-4 defense to start with.  It was pick 232 - or Miami's second 7th round pick.

So here are all of the Dolphins' 2009 draft picks - at least as of right now:

1st Round - Pick 25
2nd Round - Pick 12 (44th overall)
2nd Round - Pick 24 (56th overall)
3rd Round - Pick 23 (87th overall)
4th Round - Pick 8 (108th overall)
5th Round - Pick 25 (161st overall)
6th Round - Pick 8 (181st overall)
7th Round - Pick 5 (214th overall)
7th Round - Pick 28 (237th overall)

Those are Miami's 9 picks.  And I'm sure they will look to add more between now and the draft in April (as well as on draft day).  We all know this regime loves draft picks - and particularly values 2nd rounders, which means it shouldn't surprise anyone if the Dolphins were to trade down from 25 overall, dropping into round 2 while acquiring additional late rounders.  For example, the Dolphins could drop as many as ten spots from 25 to 35 and pick up an additional 3rd rounder.  And a move like this wouldn't shock anybody, I'm sure.