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Who will the Dolphins begin the 2009 season against?

This is the time of year when NFL fans have two things on their minds - the draft and the schedule. As Dolphin fans, we all want to know the dates and times of the 2009 season. In particular, we all are dying to find out who the Fins will open the season up against in September. But we likely won't know for another few weeks. The NFL schedule is generally released in mid-April. Last year, it was released on April 15. But there is currently no official word on when the schedule will be released this year.

However, we can try to figure out who the Dolphins will play on September 13 - the first Sunday of the NFL's 2009 regular season. Here's what we know. The week one primtime games have been announced - and the Dolphins are not one of the teams who got one. That guarantees that the Fins will be playing on Sunday afternoon. We also know that the Florida Marlins will be playing in Dolphin Stadium that day - hosting the Washington Nationals at 1:10 pm.

So we can safely assume that the Dolphins will be on the road to open the season.

We also know the eight teams that the Dolphins will play on the road in 2009 - the Bills, Patriots, Jets, Titans, Jaguars, Falcons, Panthers, and Chargers. But we can eliminate some of those eight teams and narrow down who Miami's opponent might be. The Bills and Patriots will play each other on Monday Night Football to open their seasons. The Chargers will play the Raiders as the other half of the MNF double header. And the Titans will travel to Pittsburgh to play the Steelers on Thursday, September 10 to open the year.

So that leaves the Jets, Jaguars, Falcons, and Panthers as potential week one opponents. Of these 4 possible week one opponents, which would you most like to see the Dolphins open up against?