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Video Time: LB Prospects

Seeing as it's Saturday, it's again time for more videos.

From now until the draft, our "video times" will feature potential Dolphin draft picks.  Today we'll look at three more potential 3-4 outside linebacker prospects.  Those three are Connor Barwin (whose stock has been rising since the combine), Michael Johnson, and Cody Brown.  Brown is a guy to keep a close eye on.  The Dolphins could look at Brown either with their late 2nd round pick or their 3rd round pick.  He'd be more of a project than some other potential OLBs, but I think his strength and long arms (34.5") is something that could intrigue Bill Parcells and company.

Michael Johnson is one of those enigmas whose measurables have never seemed to match with his production on the field.  But if he was to slip in the draft, you have to imagine the Dolphins would strongly consider him at some point in round 2.

All three videos can be found after the jump...