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Channing Crowder's Salary

One of the great mysteries down in Davie this offseason - at least according to Dolphin fans - has been the contract of Channing Crowder.  What we know is that the Dolphins re-signed Crowder to a 3 year contract last Wednesday.  But for some reason, nobody can figure out how much the deal is worth.  Rotoworld speculated that the deal might be worth around $20 million.  But that number is nothing more than a guess.

So I did some digging - and didn't find much.  But I have learned what Crowder's salary is in each of those 3 seasons.  The problem is - this figure along is not enough to figure out either the total value of the contract nor the cap number for each season.  But nonetheless, it's still something, I suppose.

His 2009 salary is $1.5 million.  In 2010, his salary goes up to $2.1 million.  And in 2011, the final year of Crowder's deal, he'll have a $2.5 million salary.

What does this mean in terms of Crowder's cap number?  Not much - mainly because we have no information on Channing's various bonuses.