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**Phinsider Exclusive: Chat LIVE with Dolphins WR Brandon London NOW

[Editor's Note by Matty I] This live chat went off without a hitch.  Thanks a ton to Brandon London for spending over an hour with us answering our questions.  It really was an honor to have him here - especially for that amount of time!  For those you missed the chat, you can read it by clicking the "replay" link below. [end note]

As you probably remember, we had some technical issues on Monday when we tried this.  But Brandon wanted to give it a try once again.  Hopefully this one goes smoothly.

The chat will begin take place live right below in the "CoverItLive" window.  That's where you will want to submit your questions for Brandon.  The chat is scheduled to begin at 3 pm eastern, but if Brandon was to arrive early we would begin early.  And because we are expecting many questions, not all will be answered.  If yours is not, I do apologize.