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'The Matty Awards' - Unveiling The Winners, Part 4

It's time to finish up with the winner announcements of the first annual 'Matty Awards.'

You can see the complete list of winners, including the previous 15 awards we handed out, by visiting the 'Matty Awards' page - either by clicking here or clicking the link in the left sidebar underneath the countdown.

Next up after these awards is the announcement of who got voted into the inaugural class of the Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame.  But for now, let's get to the final five 'Matty's.'

The Davone Bess Little Guy Award - given to the best underage blogger (17 and under).

And the 'Matty' goes to...

MauMontaV5, who picked up 50% of the vote.  This is MauMonta's second 'Matty Award.'

El presidente came in second in the voting, with 25% of the vote.

The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award - given to the best older blogger (40 and up).

And the 'Matty' goes to...

HuskerDolphin, who received 50% of the vote.  This is Husker's fourth 'Matty Award.'

LeftCoastFinFan finished just behind Husker, with 40% of the vote.

The Patrick Cobbs Award - given to the hardest working do-everything blogger at the Phinsider.

And the 'Matty' goes to...

Little Nicky 21, who received 65% of the vote.  This is Nicky's fourth 'Matty Award.'

GatorPhan came in second place, with 16% of the vote.

The Zach Thomas Leadership Award - given to the blogger who best exemplifies sportsmanship and level-headedness when posting and commenting.

And the 'Matty' goes to...

Mosul_DolFan, who received 37% of the vote.  This is Mosul's second 'Matty Award.'

Little Nicky 21 came in second with 27% of the vote.

The Bill Parcells Award - given to the blogger with the most insightful and knowledgeable posts and comments. Bonus points for a Matty I ‘Well Said.'

And the 'Matty' goes to...

GatorPhan, who picked up 30% of the vote.  This is GatorPhan's first 'Matty Award.'

Neo came in second place in the voting, picking up 22% of the vote.

So that's all for the 2008-2009 'Matty Awards.'  Congratulations to all of those who won.  All that's left to announce now is the inaugural class of the Hall of Fame - which I will do later this week.