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Weekend Roundup: Talking Eric Green & expectations

As you know, today will be known as a historic day in "Phinsider history."  At 3 pm eastern today, Dolphins' WR Brandon London will join us live for an online Q&A chat - taking questions from all of you.  So be sure to make it back here later today for that!

Anyways, here are some of this weekend's headlines:

Say what you want about new Dolphins' cornerback Eric Green (and many of us have) - but one thing you can't call him is timid.  Speaking on WQAM on Friday, Green made it clear that he's expecting to start at cornerback.  About the starting CB spot opposite Will Allen, Eric said "it'll be my job to lose."

Now to be fair, Green was asked if he was told anything about his role on the team.  And he responded by saying that the other starting CB job is open and that there will be competition.  But he made it clear that he's coming to Miami to start, closing out his response with, "I definitely plan to come in and take the job."

As one who hasn't been very thrilled about this move, I will say that I love seeing that kind of swagger from a cornerback.  To me, corner and wide receiver are the two positions where a certain cockiness and swagger is a good thing.

The beginning of the interview really focused on how excited Eric was to be here in Miami.  He genuinely wants to be here - he loves the idea of coming home to South Florida.  And that's also great to hear.

But one red flag I want to throw out is how Green was quick to blame on a "nagging injury" for his struggles last season - saying he injured his knee in week two against the Dolphins, but played through it for as long as he could.  I hate it when a player blames the infamous "nagging injury" for his struggles.

My favorite part of the interview, though, was how he responded to a question about what kind of player the Dolphins are getting.  Green said, "You'll find one of the more physical corners; a guy whose not really scared to stick his head in the sand; a guy whose definitely up for a challenge and loves to play against the best."  He then pointed out how he looked at the schedule and saw that they are going to have their hands full - and explained how any competitor is going to look forward to that challenge.

You can hear his full interview right here.

In Barry Jackson's latest "buzz" column, we get some opinions on Green from scouts. analyst and former Cleveland Browns scout says of Green, "`I wouldn't say there's anything he's great at. He isn't a thumper in the run game. He seems to be playing a little worse than he did earlier in his career."

Michael Lombardi, former NFL exec and currently an analyst for the National Football Post and NFL Network, says "he'll fit Miami's scheme well, more so than Arizona.  He's an average guy who will improve under that regime."

He definitely better improve.  KC Joyner reports that Green had a success rate of just 41.2% in 2008 - a whole 10 percentage points lower than Andre Goodman.

Meanwhile, a report has surfaced about Eric Green's contract.  WQAM is reporting that it's just a 2 year deal worth "up to" $6 million.  That "up to" phrase makes it seem like there are some heavy incentives included.  But here's what I can tell you as fact.  Green's 2009 salary is $1.2 million and his 2010 salary is $1.625 million.  The remaining $3.175 million must then be some combination of bonuses and incentives.  All in all, not a bad deal - and far from a "starter's contract."

Yes - that headline is not a misprint.  Apparently, the Miami Herald's Armando Salguero thinks that there are football games played in March and April.  That's the only logical explanation for his latest column - entitled "Patriots inch ahead of Miami Dolphins offseason moves."  You can read his mindless dribble by clicking the link.  But here's how he closes his article:

So, although it's early in this division race, the annoying, unrelenting Patriots find themselves today slightly ahead of the Dolphins.

Am I missing something here?  Are there football games being played somewhere that I don't know about?  Because the last time I checked, the Dolphins were still listed atop the AFC East standings.  And last I heard, the Patriots haven't played a game since December - and then got to watch as the Dolphins played football in January.

So I don't want to hear this kind of trash coming out of the mouth of someone who is paid (for some unknown reason) to cover the Dolphins.  Why?  Because it's that same kind of jackass who probably picked the Dolphins to finish dead last in the division this time last year.

Didn't last season teach us all something?  Didn't we all learn that football is played on the field - not in the front office?  I know I learned that.  But I guess some "professionals" - and I use that term loosely - were too busy worrying about the selling of their newspapers and therefore failed to comprehend exactly what last season taught us.

-Barry Jackson's column also includes info on other Dolphin signings.  One scout calls Jake Grove "stronger and stouter than Satele."

-Drew Rosenhaus, on his weekly TV spot, said that the Dolphins have shown a lot of interest in two of his clients for the upcoming draft: Darius Butler and Alphonso Smith. is reporting that the Dolphins will have Rey Maualuga in for a visit early in April.