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Mid-week Nuggets: Ronnie Brown & some CB talk

We've reached the midway point of the week.  Here are some nuggets to chew on as we inch closer and closer to the next big NFL event - the NFL Draft.

Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi spent some time on the set of NFL Total Access on Tuesday.  At the end of the show, he was asked which one player from his division does he wish he could "transport" out of the division.  Bruschi responded:

I'm going to say Ronnie Brown.  Ronnie Brown - the amazing things he does for the Dolphins and the way he scored four touchdowns on us in Foxborough last year.  I think he's a player that's very explosive and one of the best in the league.

I can't argue with that.  I guess Tedy is as smart as many people make him out to be - at least at judging talent.

Truth be told, I don't think Brown gets the recognition he deserves.  And part of that is because he doesn't put up huge numbers because he either splits carries with Ricky Williams or he's unlucky and gets hurt.  But the league is going to begin to realize the special player he is.  He had a solid season in 2008 and that's really a testament to his talent and work ethic - considering he was coming back from a torn ACL.  But remember - they say it takes 2 years to fully come back from that knee injury, both physically and mentally.  Being another year removed from his torn ACL - while also playing behind what should be an improved offensive line - should make 2009 an even better season for Ronnie than his 2008 "Pro Bowl" season.

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not panicking.  And I still trust what Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are doing.  But I can't help but wonder what the risk would have been if the Dolphins went after Leigh Bodden.  Bodden, on Tuesday, signed with the Patriots on a 1 year deal worth the veteran minimum of $750,000.  Yes - just $750,000.  So while I'm sure Parcells and Ireland have a plan, I simply can't sit here and fully understand why exactly the Dolphins didn't offer Bodden a 1 year, $1 million deal.

After all, we know that the Fins have at least "kicked the tires" of Cardinals' free agent cornerback Eric Green.  And no offense, but Green isn't as good - at least from what I know - as Bodden.  And if the Dolphins were to sign Green, it's impossible for him to be any cheaper than Bodden (because Bodden signed for the veteran league minimum).  And here's what I know about Green.  I know that Cardinals fans sincerely dislike him.  I know the Cardinals were 22nd in the league in pass defense last year - and allowed 36 touchdowns through the air, which was 9 more than any other team in the NFL.  And I know that Green was falling like a rock on Arizona's depth chart.  He couldn't even crack the starting lineup for one of the worst pass defenses in the league.

So what is Miami's plan at cornerback?  The Palm Beach Post tries to make the case that it might simply be that the Dolphins are high on Jason Allen - who is the projected starter opposite Will Allen at this point in time.  But I'm not buying that theory.  He's shown flashes, but I just don't think he has what it takes to be a legitimate starter in this league.  He's too inconsistent and I simply can't trust him.

More likely, I think their plan is to spend a day one draft pick on a cornerback (and possibly even add a late rounder as well) while also signing a veteran at a later date.  Some veterans still available include Dre Bly, Fernando Bryant, and Chris McAlister.  Samari Rolle is also expected to be cut shortly and Ken Lucas could be on his way out in Carolina.

But even so, none of those players above would come any cheaper than Leigh Bodden would have - and Bodden has far more upside when you consider his success in Cleveland playing man-to-man defense, his age (27), and his size (6'1).