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Dolphins Free Agency Updates: Coles, Goodman, & Burnett

Here's the latest on the Dolphins and their activity in free agency:

  • Rick Cimini of the NY Daily News is reporting that Laveranues Coles is expected to make a decision on Sunday - and that the decision is likely between the Bills and the Dolphins.  We know Coles visited Buffalo on Friday.  But as far as we know, Laveranues hasn't visited Miami.  And to be honest, we haven't really even heard how interested the Dolphins might be in the former Jets WR.  [Update 3:07 pm:  The PBP is reporting that the Dolphins aren't likely to pursue Coles.  Citing an unnamed NFL source, the Dolphins reportedly don't perceive Coles to be that #1 receiver they're seeking.]
  • Andre Goodman will be in Cleveland visiting the Browns on Sunday following his visit in Denver with the Broncos.  But Goodman sent a text message to the Miami Herald that said it isn't out of the question that Andre could re-sign with the Dolphins.
  • There's still no word on if the Dolphins are close to signing Cowboys LB Kevin Burnett.  Yesterday, there was an internet report that claimed Burnett was close to signing with Miami.  But this still seems like nothing more than a rumor right now.