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2009 NFL Pro Bowl Open Thread


When: 4:30 pm EST
Where: Aloha Stadium; Honolulu, Hawaii
Line: NFC -2.5

I don't know if I'll be watching this game, but many of you probably will tune in.  And hey, we got three Dolphins playing today - Ronnie Brown, Jake Long, and Joey Porter - so that's cool.  I wish those 3 the best of luck - and pray that they don't suffer any kind of you know what (don't want to jinx them by saying the "I" word).

Now for a little quick Pro Bowl history.  As you all know, this is the last year (at least as it stands now) that the game will be played in Hawaii.  Next year, it moves to Miami - and will be played the week before the Super Bowl.  (Yes - I, too, think that's a terrible idea)  The Pro Bowl, as we know it today, has been played between the AFC and NFC since 1971.  And it's been played in Hawaii since 1980.  In the 38 Pro Bowl games, only 2 Dolphins have won the MVP award.  Ricky Williams won it in 2003 - rushing for 56 yards and 2 touchdowns on 11 carries.

But who was the other Pro Bowl MVP who was a member of the Dolphins?  That's my trivia question for you today.

The AFC and NFC have split the 38 Pro Bowls.  Each team has won 19 - with the teams alternating wins since the AFC's win 2003.  Last year, it was the NFC winning by 12.

Feel free to chat about this game - or anything - below.  And don't forget about my trivia question for you all - that is above.