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'The Matty Awards' - Voting

As I'm sure you've seen, over the past few weeks, we've been nominating some of our community members for our first annual 'Matty Awards' - or, more affectionately known, 'The Matty's."  We've completed the nominations and now it's time to get to the voting.

First up are three awards.  Each are described below:

The Mercury Morris Front-page Frontrunner Award - given to the blogger with the most and/or best front-paged fanposts. Bonus points for rec's.

The Channing Crowder Lost In Translation Award - given to the blogger who has best overcome the language barrier between their first language and the English language.

The Matt Roth Award - given to the most passionate/borderline psychotic blogger.

The nominees and voting tool can be found after the jump (so as to not clog up the front page too much).  Voting for these 3 awards closes on Monday at 11:30 pm eastern.  Happy voting and good luck to the nominees...

Note: There is no "campaigning within 100 feet of the polls (aka - anywhere on this website).