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Dansby speaks out about his future

Karlos Dansby was on Sirius NFL Radio today.  Why is this info being mentioned on a Dolphins' site?  Because I, like many, hope the Dolphins make a play at the free agent linebacker.

So what did Dansby say?  Below are some of the highlights from the interview:

“Playing in New York? Who wouldn’t want to play in New York? That’s just like playing for the Dallas Cowboys, you know what I’m saying? It’s a big market. You’re going to get an opportunity to be prime time. It’s a huge market. I wouldn’t mind playing in a huge market. I wouldn’t mind at all."

“It’s a tough situation to be in for me. Like I said, I want to make sure I’m comfortable, my family is comfortable, and everybody’s happy with the situation. Like I said, Arizona is up first. They gave me the first opportunity so they are the first ones I’m going to take a look at.”

I'd consider Miami a big market.  And we know Dansby has respect for Bill Parcells.  But what kind of price tag is Dansby putting on himself?

“I kind of want to see what everybody else is going to do. I feel like I’m one of the elite players in the league if you ask me. I want to see what the other guys in my position are going to get such as Ray Lewis and Bart Scott. You’ve got Terrell Suggs out there. You’ve got guys like Albert Haynesworth that is going to take the market up to a whole ‘nother level. I want to see where these guys are going to take the market before I do anything. If the deadline passes, then we’re in a bidding war now so it’s a beautiful situation to be in and it’s kind of stressful at the same time because you want to know where you’re going to be and make sure your family and everybody is taken care of.”

If the Dolphins do want to make a serious run at Karlos, it's clear that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland are going to have to be aggressive with their offer - something they aren't necessarily known for.