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Scott interested in Dolphins?

It's no secret that the Dolphins have to address their inside linebackers. Channing Crowder's impending and expected exit via free agency means the Dolphins have a huge void to fill. Personally, I'm hoping Karlos Dansby comes to Miami. But Ravens' free agent LB Bart Scott also reportedly has interest in Miami. This, according to the Miami Herald:

An associate of impending free agent linebacker Bart Scott said he would gladly re-sign with Baltimore but also likes Miami and would welcome Dolphins interest if the Ravens (who have a lot of key free agents) cannot afford him.

Scott probably would be the best available replacement if Channing Crowder leaves, as many expect.

Personally, Scott reminds me a lot of Channing - and I don't see him as a big upgrade over Crowder. But what will Scott cost? If he's more expensive than Crowder, I'm not sure he's worth investing.

What do you think. If all things were equal, which of the two linebackers - Scott and Crowder - would you prefer playing in Miami?