Player Profile: Troy Nolan

I am not as good as Gatophan at doing this types of things...i don't go as in-depth and analytical as he does, but deal with it lol, maybe he will do a follow up or something (just throwing it out there Gator, you don't have to)...anyway, this is Troy Nolan, S from the Arizona State University Sun Devils, and i know you guys are thinking that i am being a bit biased, but all i have to say is, suck it lol...I see him going in the 5th or 6th is the analysis on him from 

he is 6-1 207 lbs


Positives: Good size. ... Standout player both years of Pac-10 competition. ... Ball hawk at free safety. ... Willing to bait quarterbacks and can make the big play. ... Reads the quarterback's eyes and gets a good break on the ball. ... Better field speed than timed speed in coverage. ... Can time his leaps. ... Good hands for the interception. ... Good agility to avoid blocks and come up to support the run. ... Heavy hitter willing to throw his body into the pile.


Negatives: Has to prove the straight-line speed to be effective as a free safety in the NFL. ... Despite size, ducks his head too often when taking on blocks and can lose track of the ball. ... Overaggressive. ... Can put his defense in a tough position by overrunning the action. ... Takes questionable angles to the ball. ... Medical check on 2006 knee injury.


I went to every ASU home football game this past season, and although we had a TERRIBLE season, Troy Nolan was a brightspot...he made some huge plays for us, coming up with key breakups and picks, and jacked some people up, i am remembering one hit against Stanford where he knocked the guy out.....he did overpursue at times, which led to big plays for the opposition, but if he comes to the Dolphins he will be learning from 2 vets that can teach him to read the plays better, and he will improve...he also did some punt and kick return for us and did a decent job...He definitely won't be a starter for us, especially since we have Bell, and now Wilson, but i think he will be good in spot duty and could eventually become a starter for us after Bell and Wilson move on...your thoughts below

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