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Pats trade Matt Cassel

It's not Dolphin news - but still worthy of some discussion.

Adam Schefter is reporting that the Patriots have traded Matt Cassel from the Patriots, but it's unknown to which team Cassel is headed.  Schefter believes that the Chiefs are somehow involved - but a third team might also be involved.  The compensation is currently unknown - but I get the feeling it's going to involve some high draft picks.  However, NBC Sports' Tom Curran reports that KC's #3 overall pick is not involved in this trade.

[Update 1:46 pm]  Peter King is reporting that the Chiefs got Cassel and Mike Vrabel and the Pats, in return, will get KC's 2nd round pick. [end update]

So what does this mean to the Pats?  It likely means that Tom Brady's rehab is going fine.  After all, would the Pats trade Cassel if they weren't confident in Brady's ability to be ready for the regular season?

Personally, though, I have to wonder about this trade from the point of view of the team receiving Cassel.  I'm not so sure Cassel is the QB many want to make him out to be.  I think it's more likely that Cassel was a product of New England's system.

So what's your reaction to this news?

(Hat tip to "k2oconnor" for his fanpost)