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Could Jason Brown be back on Miami's radar?

We know that center Jason Brown was visiting St. Louis today.  And we know that the Dolphins were highly interested in Brown - but didn't want to overpay.  But could Brown be re-thinking his contract demands?

The St. Louis Post Dispatch is reporting that a deal between the Rams and Brown is "imminent."  But PFT hears otherwise.

According to ProFootballTalk, the Rams have offered Brown $7 million per year.  But Brown doesn't want to play in St. Louis:

The good news for center/guard Jason Brown is that the St. Louis Rams are willing to pay him $7 million per year.

The bad news for center/guard Jason Brown is that no one else is.

A league source tells that Brown doesn't want to play for the Rams, and thus wants someone/anyone to step up and match the offer St. Louis has made to him.

Could the Dolphins now swoop in and offer $6 to $6.5 million annually and steal Brown away from the Rams?

It's an interesting thought - but I'm not counting on it at this point.

[Update 8:06 pm]  Here's the latest on the Rams' talks with Jason Brown, courtesy of the Post-Dispatch.  Rams' GM Billy Devaney said:

We still have James Butler in the building and Jason Brown. Talks are continuing. Jason Brown’s agents were over here for a couple of hours this afternoon. We’re taking a break. We’re going to meet again later on tonight. I guess the best way to say it is talks are ongoing. I don’t know how you categorize it, if it’s encouraging, hopeful, but they’re moving forward. Hopefully we can work something out tonight or tomorrow morning before he’s scheduled to leave. I’m talking about Jason. With James, we just started talking.