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Dolphins sign Joe Berger

While it's not the big splash some were hoping for, the Dolphins did make a move along the offensive line today, signing Joe Berger to a three year deal.

According to the Miami Herald, the 6'5, 310 pound Berger has been brought in to compete with Samson Satele for the starting center job.  He's also expected to compete at right guard with the young Donald Thomas.

But let's be honest - he wasn't brought in to start.  He's more than likely going to be a versatile backup, a player who can step in at at least 3 positions along the offensive line.  And we know this regime loves versatility.

Berger, who will be 27 in May, has spent the last 2 and a half years in Dallas, seeing action in 4 games.  So he's familiar with Tony Sparano.  And he actually began his career in Miami back in 2005, where he was going to get a shot at starting before suffering an injury.  In '06, the Dolphins tried to sneak Berger onto their practice squad, but the Cowboys claimed him and he's been in "Big D" ever since.