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Welcome Dolphins fans everywhere: SB Nation announces partnership with Yahoo! Sports

It's brings me great pleasure to announce to you all that SB Nation and one of the web's premier sports sources - Yahoo! Sports - have come together to form a partnership that will take SBN to new heights.  This deal will expose those who don't know about SBN's great blogs - oh, and this one as well - to our content and communities.

One of the "powers that be" here at SBN, Jim Bankoff,  wrote up a formal introduction about the deal, which can be read in its entirety right here.  Below is an excerpt:

As members of our communities or readers of our sites, you already know that SB Nation takes a different approach to online sports.  Our focus has always been on empowering fans to participate in conversations that are specific to their particular teams, leagues or sports.  We’ve watched over the years as the popularity of this unique approach has rapidly accelerated.

Today we want to welcome some new members to our flourishing communities. SB Nation and our friends at Yahoo are partnering to give Yahoo Sports audiences one click access to our sites and content.  In addition to being the largest sport property on the web, Yahoo Sports is known for some of the best general sports blogs including: Ball Don’t Lie, Puck Daddy, Dr. Saturday, Big League Stew and others.

Relevant pages of Yahoo Sports will now feature contextual links to specific SB Nation communities.  Many other pages of Yahoo Sports will feature SB Nation content and links. The great news is that more sports fans will be introduced to SB Nation sites.

You can view just one aspect of this deal by clicking here to Yahoo's Miami Dolphins team page.

To New Users:  Welcome!!
Without a doubt, this partnership means we're going to have new readers and new members of our community.  And that's the best part of this - we're going to be growing.  So to you first-time readers out there, be sure to sign up for your 100% free account.  Either click the "Start posting about the Dolphins" link in the upper left hand corner (right under the site logo) or click right here.  Then simply follow the on-screen prompts.  And allow me to assure you that the e-mail address you provide is kept 100% confidential - we will not sell it or give it out to anyone.  And I bet any of our long-time members will back me up on that.

So once you sign up, you're all set to post.  Feel free to comment on other posts or create FanPosts of your own.  The best part of running a site like this is to read everyone's opinions.  So share your thoughts.

Since this site has been around since 2006, some of our long-time members have developed some slang (or shorthand) for some things.  Many are pretty self-explanatory.  The only one I think I need to explain is the CKC.  You might see a FanPost in the right sidebar with "CKC" in the title.  All that stands for is "Cool Kids Club" and was started by a group of die-hard Phinsider community members.  It's basically just a random late-night open thread to chat about anything and everything.  If it's late and you're bored, I suggest checking it out.  Everyone is welcome and it's usually a good way to kill some time.

So - again - welcome to the new readers and new members of this site.  And if you need anything or have any questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail.

To Current Members
You guys are, by far, the heart and soul of this site.  So that's why I'm going to stress the importance of you all making the new members feel welcome.  Just because they haven't been members for as long as you doesn't mean their thoughts and opinions are less accurate or less important.  Don't make them feel inferior because of their "rookie" status.  So please treat them with the same respect you would treat anyone else.

Also, please try to keep the "inside" stuff to a minimum.

Really - I know this isn't going to be a problem here with you all.  But I thought I'd just throw this stuff out there just incase.

Community Guidelines
I just want to remind you all, new users and current users, of some of the important community guidelines here at TP.  No personal attacks of any kind.  If you disagree with somebody, be respectful and keep the debate about the thoughts/ideas - not about the person.  Attack the idea being expressed - not the person expressing it.

Also, please keep this site clear of any political banter.  It's really just not necessary here on a football site.  And for some reason, people get really heated over politics.  We're all going to disagree with each other enough without having to debate politics as well as football.

With all that said - thanks to all of you for making this place the best Dolphins community on the net.  And may 2009 be the greatest year yet for The Phinsider!