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Video Time: Ted Ginn Edition

It's Saturday - meaning it's video time.  Continuing on with our look back at the '08 season, today's focus is Ted Ginn and, in particular, his week 8 performance against the Bills.  This is the game that saw Ginn really break out, catching 7 passes for 175 yards.

This past week, coach Tony Sparano defended Ginn - a player fans love to criticize, saying:

"From day one I've been involved with him, he's worked hard and gotten better and better. He's really learned how to be a solid pro. [Ginn] made some of the big plays this year you want some of those first line receivers to make. He's getting better and better that way."

"Ted knows he's got room to get better right now. We make [special teams] decisions. It's not Ted's fault [he was pulled off the unit]. When you look at the big picture and see the big plays Ted did make during the course of the season, this guy had two kick returns called back. Look at the big balls he's caught, and the big games he's had. Without Ted we don't have a chance to be where we were."

Video of Ginn's week 8 performance can be found after the jump...