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Dolphins re-sign Vernon Carey to six year deal

Carey will remain in the same city that he played high school and college ball in for another 6 years.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting, and the team is confirming, that the Dolphins have indeed signed Vernon Carey to a multi-year contract.

The deal, as reported by the PBP, is a 6 year, $42 million contract, making Vernon one of the league's highest paid right tackles.  But that seems like fair value when you consider Vernon has the ability to play the left tackle position in a pinch should Jake Long have to miss any time in the future.  And Vernon has proven to be very durable as well - something this regime values - having started 59 straight games for the Dolphins.

But it doesn't seem like Carey provided the Dolphins with a home-town discount, did he?  Regardless, though, the Dolphins now have their bookends in place for the foreseeable future.

[Editor's Note by Matty I: 2:35 pm] The Miami Herald is confirming the 6 year, $42 million deal.  The same goes for the NFL Network's Adam Schefter, who just reported the deal on NFL Total Access.  Still unsure of the guaranteed money that Vernon will receive.

[Editor's Note by Matty I: 3:33 pm] Carey's deal only guarantees him $15 million - a fairly low figure.  So I think this is a very good deal for both Carey and the Dolphins.  If Carey performs, he'll see all of his $42 million.  If he slacks off and gets lazy a few years from now, he could be cut free before his 6 year deal is up and it won't cost the Dolphins too much money thanks to the relatively low amount of guaranteed money.

(Hat tip to Layuma's FanPost)