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'The Matty Awards' - Hall of Fame Voting

So we've finally made it through the voting for all of the 'Matty's.'  Now it's time to talk about (and vote on) the greatest honor within our community.

Yes - I'm talking about The Joe Robbie Memorial Phinsider Hall of Fame.  To me, it's the highest honor any member of our community can receive.  And that's because the vote is done (securely, I might add) by all of you.  After all, there's no greater honor than being recognized by your own peers.

Making this even more special is that this will be the inaugural class.  And the four members who get voted in will forever be known as "Mount Phinsider" - like Mount Rushmore, only better.  And after this year's inductions, only three members per year will be inducted - not four.

All the nominees and the poll itself is located after the jump.  Click on "continue reading" to view them and cast your four votes.  And please note, you must vote for no more than four.  If you vote for more, your votes will simply be erased by the system and the poll will not allow you to re-vote.

There are 16 nominees.  Congratulations to those who have been nominated.  The Phinsider community consists of over 1,100 members - with over 80% of those members having been active in the past 9 months.  So it truly is an honor just to be nominated.  Good luck to everyone who has been nominated.  And remember, there is no campaigning within 100 feet of the polls.

Voting for this award will end at 11:30 pm eastern on Thursday, February 26.