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RUMOR: Dolphins close to re-signing Carey?

Take this with a grain of salt, everyone.  But WQAM's Orlando Alzugaray is reporting that the Dolphins and tackle Vernon Carey are getting close to reaching a new contract - keeping Carey in Miami and preventing him from testing the free agent waters.

But remember, this is just a radio report.  And Alzugaray said that he's "heard" that the two sides are close.  So that sounds very unofficial - so don't get too excited yet.  The fact that I haven't seen this reported anywhere else also leads me to be wary of this report.

You can tune into Orlando's show on WQAM at their website.

**UPDATE 3:56 pm**: Orlando Alzugaray just closed his show by saying:

"There could be something happening very soon between the Dolphins and Carey."