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'The Matty Awards' - Voting Part 6

It's time to vote on the final 4 'Matty Awards' - with the Hall of Fame vote the only vote that will be left once these 4 categories are voted on.  These 4 categories are:

The Larry Csonka Old Guard Award - given to the best older blogger (40 and up).

The Patrick Cobbs Award - given to the hardest working do-everything blogger at the Phinsider.

The Zach Thomas Leadership Award - given to the blogger who best exemplifies sportsmanship and level-headedness when posting and commenting.

The Bill Parcells Award - given to the blogger with the most insightful and knowledgeable posts and comments. Bonus points for a Matty I ‘Well Said.'

The nominees and polls can be found after the jump.  Click "continue reading" to view them and cast your vote.  Voting for these 4 awards will end on Friday at 11:30 pm eastern.  Good luck to the nominees and happy voting...