Who the Dolphins SHOULD Draft

Last year was one of the most productive drafts in recent memory.  The Dolphin's noticeable selections were starters Jake Long, Philip Merling/Kendall Langford, Donald Thomas, and quarterback of the future Chad Henne.  This upcoming draft should be similar to this past years draft.  Draft big bodies to plug the holes in the defensive and offensive line.  Also, draft secondary to get some young talent to stop the pass offense.  Here is y 2009 dolphins mock draft.


Pick #25 Brian Cushing OLB    USC 6'4 240 lbs

You can't go wrong with this pick.  A strong, solid linebacker in which the Dolphins need.  A very safe pick.


Pick #44 (from Washington) Phil Loadholt OT    6'8 350 lbs. Oklahoma

He is a monster.  If he is still available, it should be automatic, if he;s not there, look for another offensive lineman or wide reciever.


Pick #56  Juaquin Iglesias WR 6'1 201 lbs. Oklahoma

Coming off a solid collegiate career, he can contribute to the Dolphins offense.  Look for more than one reciever to be drafted by the Dolphins.


Pick # 87 Ramses Barden  WR      6'6 224 Cal Poly

A giant Wide Reciever.  Someone who can go up and get the ball.  Kind of a risk though.


Pick #127 Morgan Trent CB     6'1 190lbs.  Michigan

Pick # Alex Magee DT          6"3 295lbs.  Purdue

Pick # 197 Kyle Moore DE     6'6 272lbs.  USC

Pick #215 Jason McCourty CB      5'11 190lbs.  Rutgers

Pick #220 Pat White QB       6'1 192 lbs. West Virginia




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