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Dolphins make contract offers to three key free agents

Surprisingly, here's something that's been overlooked since it was reported yesterday.  Kim Bokamper, who hosts Dolphins Tonight on WQAM, reported during yesterday's show that he has spoken with Channing Crowder and that Crowder, Yeremiah Bell, and Vernon Carey have all been made contract offers.  Says Bokamper:

"I know this - that the contract offer to Channing and Yeremiah Bell identical in their numbers.  And I would say, based on the conversation, they know that that's kind of a number they've thrown out there.  They expect something different to come around.  I think, when talking to him, that it's kind of wait around and see what happens in free agency.  The Dolphins are going to do the same thing."

"You just get that feeling, you just get that sense, from that team - they like what they got out of Channing Crowder.  They love his enthusiasm.  But maybe they're looking for that one guy who could step in and become a little bit bigger playmaker; the guy that comes up with some interceptions; the guy that forces more fumbles; the guy that comes up with a loose ball on the ground.  All those kinds of things are what they're looking for at that inside linebacker spot.  And that's where there's some vulnerability there with Channing Crowder."

Based on those comments right there and the fact that Channing and Yeremiah were offered the same contract, it's leading me to believe that the Dolphins are ready to part with Crowder if they need to.  Think about it - if the Dolphins offered both Bell and Crowder the same deal, you have to imagine the contract was roughly $4 million or so per year.  Channing wants more than that.  I'm not sure if he's worth too much more than that.

Vernon Carey was offered a larger contract - which makes sense based on the position he plays and what he might get on the open market.